Low Profile Pallet Jack - Ideal for Handling Low Pallets.

NobleLift available at Insley McEntee


Low Profile

The AC-LOW44 Low Profile Manual Pallet Truck has a 4,400lb load capacity and has minimum floor clearance of only 2 inches. It is the ideal choice for handling low pallets that usually can only be handled by counterbalance forklifts – And it is much more economical.

This ergonomic, powder coated pallet truck is easy to maneuver with effortless steering. Chromed bearing bushings and joints ensure quite operation and a long life. High-quality – Great Price.


Option of Single or Tandem Fork Rollers

Tandem rollers are special order.

Ergonomic Handle with Comfortable Rubber Grip
Handle offers optimized safety and comfort. Three-position operational handle lever for lifting, transportation and lowering purposes.

Lower Position– to lower load, pull up on the finger tip control.

Neutral Position -place fingertip control in this position when pulling the truck load.

Lift Position – to raise load, push down on finger tip control, pump handle to raise the load.

Galvanized One-Piece Integrated Hydraulic Pump with overload relief valve

Axle Mounted, 3 Position Loop Handle (Up/Down/Neutral)

Adjustable Push Rod Assembly

Fork Tip Entry/Exit Roller

180° Operations Arc

Articulation Steer Axle

Noblelift pallet trucks available at Insley McEntee


  • Optional Fork configurations
  • Optional Tandem fork rollers


Unit Type: Manual Pallet Truck

Load Capacity: 4,400lb

Fork Dimensions: 27″W x 48″L Standard

Size of Fork: 6.3″ x 1.5″

Minimum Fork Height: 6.5

Steering Wheel: 7.1″ x 2″

Load Roller Single: 2″ x 3.7″

Load Roller Tandem: 2″ x 3″ (option)