Dock & Door

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Insley-McEntee’s Dock and Door Department not only has the ability to install your new loading dock, traffic doors, dock shelters, dock bumpers and dock seals, they will also provide service and maintenance for all of your equipment. We provide quick response times and immediate repairs or estimates.

Partners with our Allied Lines

Handling all of your Dock, Door, Racking & other Material Handling Equipment needs.

We install and maintain docks, doors, racking and pneumatic tube systems. We have parts inventory for several makes of docks and for pneumatic tube systems. Call us today to schedule maintenance or service for your equipment.

We will gladly set up an operational maintenance plan for your loading docks, as well!

Insley-McEntee’s Installation Department provides:
• Factory-trained service technicians
• Quick Response time
• Service quotes for repairs upon request
• Automatic Operational Maintenance scheduling for docks, doors and pneumatic tube systems.
Poweramp PR Loading Dock available at Insley McEntee
Our maintenance plan includes the following:
• Cleaning all debris from pit area
• Thorough inspection for any damaged parts.
• Lubricate all Hinge Points
• Make Necessary Adjustments
• Communicate with customer immediately regarding all safety issues.
• Provide quotes for any repair needed.